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Automation and stuck note troubles I am having with LMMS

Novità, peculiarità e carrateristiche dei componenti di Automazione in agenzia e distribuiti dalla SPEAsistemi.
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4/5/2018 2:44:08 PM
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Automation and stuck note troubles I am having with LMMS


First, thanks for the add to this site. I am new to LMMS but am a long time Linux user/admin, and am running LMMS v 1.1.3 64 bit on a linux mint 18.2 machine.he first issue I have is with automating tempo. I want to change it from 120 bpm to 96 bpm over a number of bars, using the linear tool in the automation editor. However, try as I may, I cannot get it to set to 96 bpm. I can get 95 or 97, but not 96. Is there a way of typing in the value rather than dragging the pointer thing in the editor? Now, the starting value is easy to set, as I can ctrl drag it in, but not the ending value?The second issue I have is of 'stuck notes'. So, what happens is I will turn on an instrument and there will be a note playing. Try as I may, I cannot make the note go away, except restart lmms. This only seems to happen with zynaddsubfx instruments, and appeared it seems only after I added in an maudio mini32 midi keyboard. And then I cannot get rid of the zynaddsubfx first gui screen unless if I kill it from the command line.The whole thing feels a bit flaky. Is there a better lmms build I could use, and which would give me access to VST instruments?

Please help

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